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Hard Drive & SSD Shredders '1'

SSD Series 1 top.JPG
SSD Series 1 front.JPG

300HD| 150HD

300-SSD | 150-SSD

200 - 600 SSDs Per Hour

'1' Solid state drive shredders will shred SSDs, cell phones, memory cards, circuit boards & thumb drives to 3/8″ wide particles. This small shred size is required to destroy all of the memory chips that SSDs use to store data. 


'1' Solid state drive shredders consist of two models, multiple options and different voltages, including 120v for the 1.5 HP models without a 3/4″ shred width. A 5″ wide infeed slot is standard but an 11″ wide slot is available for an upcharge. This will allow you to shred tablets, which require that you remove the battery first, as with all applicable solid state devices. '1' solid state drive shredders can be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding.


Solid state & rotary hard drive shredders have a dual head cutting chamber that will shred solid state drives on one side and rotary hard drives on the other. Each side has its own label, 5″ wide infeed slot, discharge bin & shred width. HD-SSD shredders will shred most standard rotary hard drives up to 1″ thick, in addition to backup tapes, DVD’s, cell phones and assorted small e-scrap. They will also shred server drives but the rails should be removed prior to shredding with the150HD-SSD.


Solid state & rotary hard drive shredders require that each chamber is used only for its intended e-scrap. Shredding SSDs on the rotary drive side would not ensure complete data destruction while shredding rotary hard drives on the SSD side would damage the cutters. Let the chamber clear on HD-SSD shredders before you insert another drive and only use one chamber at a time.  

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