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6mm-SSD Solid State Drive Hammer Mills

6mm-SSD Shredders

100 SSDs Per Hour


6mm-SSD Solid State Drive Shredders shred up to seventy-five SSDs an hour and include a sound absorbing lining that results in an 85-decibel level, on average. All models include an hour meter and casters but are also available with an infeed conveyor, air filtration system and additional screen sizes.

6mm-SSD Solid State Drive Shredders will shred SSDs, cell phones, tablets, memory cards, thumb drives, circuit boards and other solid state drive devices to 4mm particles. This dual stage destruction system utilizes a 2 HP pre-shredder with 3/8″ cutters that discharges into a 3 HP hammer mill. All models can be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile SSD shredding.

6mm-SSD Solid State Drive Shredders require three-phase power. You cannot shred rotary drives on 2mm-SSD shredders but combination units are available.  All batteries must be removed prior to shredding.

2mm SSD Front.JPG
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