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Hemp Cannabis

 Plant Shredders

MJ Dual Shaft Shredders 1 - 250 HP Models

Hemp Cannabis Plant Waste Shredders efficiently shred Cannabis plants: flower/bud, plant stems, plant stalks (for bio mass), root balls and cannabis plant waste. The 1, 3, and 5 horsepower shredders are available in 1-phase power, while all other models require 3-phase. See the chart below for specifics.

Hemp Cannabis Plant Waste Shredders are available in 1 to 30 horsepower models and are engineered for this specific application. Everything from the hopper size to the cutter profile is carefully considered to ensure you obtain the shred size and throughput you require. These low speed, high torque dual shaft shredders ensure less downtime, noise, and dust emission than high-speed two-shaft shredders.

Hemp Cannabis Plant Waste Shredders utilize bearing protection that prevents shredded contaminants from reaching the bearings through the use of false walls and seals. These shredders include individual cleaning fingers that reduce wrapping and material packing between the cutters.

Pre-Shredder for Extraction

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Cannabis Shredder w/Reversing Conveyor

Cannabis Shredder w/Reversing Conveyor

MJ-21003 & MJ-21005 Plant Shredder Drawing

Series 1 MJ Dual Shaft Shredders Brochure

MJ-21010 Plant Shredder 

Conveyor Drawing 

MJ-21001 Plant 

Shredder Drawing

MJ Dual Shaft

Shredders Brochure

MJ-21010 Plant 

Shredder Drawing